I Dig the Cinema But…

Posted by – December 7, 2008

I dig the cinema (yeah I make movies duh!) but it seems 95% of what I watch is with headphones and a laptop. Insert words of wisdom: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wKiIroiCvZ0&feature=related
I’d like to think about how this film will be presented. The experience of watching it. Another project I’m excited about right now, which I haven’t yet experienced for myself but can’t wait to catch when it comes to TO in February (yeah of course it has bikes, but more than that the live music, texture of the images…):
And lastly I’m a little jealous of this (it’s been a while since Wink World):

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  1. Jim says:

    Lynch is a cranky old man, IMHO. He must have missed his meditation session.

    One thing I was thinking about today is that people compare screen sizes (IMAX vs iPhone) without factoring in how close the screen is to the eyeballs — its relative size is the issue.

    Personally, I’d be happy to see the movie work well on a fullscreen monitor, since that’s how I view most of my tv/movies. I’m not too concerned about plasma viewers or ipodders.

    I like Gondry’s sensibility quite a bit — but there’s something somewhat paternalistic about the project. It’s not for him, or his peers… hmm. I definitely talk about Infest Wisely as community filmmaking, and certainly am more excited about the potential of new models of movie making outside of the directorial dictatorship, so I wonder if his future “real” movie projects will integrate these ideas.

  2. Benny says:

    Ha!, true about Lynch, though I still find relief in hearing crankiness toward the ipod. A little more on Lynch — you’re aware of his SD shot feature Inland Empire — he went on and on to the press, after announcing he’ll never shoot film again, about how much he also hates HD — I enjoy these bold statements. Sure, read a little more and you’ll find he had an entire team behind the scenes who up-ressed, applied motion filters, advanced 24P conversion and colour corrected all of his footage.

    I have a love-hate with the newest of the newest — which is the equipment I use (when not shooting super 8, though it’s now bugging me for HD telecine). Just trying to escape feeling like a chump for buying into it.

  3. Jim says:

    I escape that chump feeling by using the latest gear I can borrow — not buy. The latest and greatest always uses the early adopters as beta testers.

    I was thinking a little more about why I’ve come around to the idea of theatre screenings, while when we were working on IW I was pretty indifferent to them and fine with people individually viewing them on their computers. It’s less about the screen size and more about the collective focus that a screening provides. On the more idealistic side, collective viewing is like collective eating — sociable, prone to discussion — as opposed to single serving viewings. On the practical side, if there’s a good crowd it creates a consensus reality that the movie is real, significant, noteworthy — which is something IW’s first screening at Innis totally benefited from. Makes it less of an uphill battle when you’re trying to promote it.

  4. Craig says:

    i’m with lynch, fuck the iphone. we already spend to much time by ourselves *consuming* disposable clips on our *devices*.

    i wholeheartidly agree with jim and the communal aspect of screenings. the two we had for IW were some of my favourite moments of that process.

    in my opinion, you make the best quality with what you have, and it will degrade nicely as you move down the viewing sizes.

    i’m in japan!

  5. Sean says:

    I like the idea of experimenting with screen sizes. Maybe not appropriate for this movie, but as the viewers’ screen sizes vary more and more, I think there’s more opportunity to shoot with alternate dimensions. Maybe it could be used in certain parts, like for example, if we go with the alley theme, the alley shows could always be long and wide (like a 20:10 ratio).

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