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Friday Eyecandy: Hide the Children

Posted by – September 4, 2009

Production began on Sunday so there’s a ton going on but of course, no time to blog about it.

…designed by Nick Pagee for the very first shoot.

…designed by Terry at Beehive Design for my first shoot, next week.

…the spider silk containment unit, created by Rudi (pal of our propsmistress Nancy).

Still looking for:

  • an office floor
  • a limousine
  • a herd of rambunctious children
  • extras to be market sellers and goers
  • extra crew hands
  • willing drivers with cars

Let us know!

What Will You Be Wearing in 2040?

Posted by – July 20, 2009

If you have an answer to this question, we’d like to know. We’re looking for people to do wardrobe and/or makeup — and despite this being SF, it’s not enough to get a roll of tin foil / silver facepaint. We’re going a little more subtle than that.

We’re also looking for people to take on set decoration, prop making, and art direction. So if dressing up a laneway to look like a post-collapse illegal black market sounds like your kinda fun, or have ideas for people who’d be good for it, please get in touch.

The directors and producers have started our weekly meetings and things are chugging along. We’re hoping to start shooting mid-Aug and to be wrapped mid-Oct.

How’s This Working for You?

Posted by – January 17, 2009

It’s working well for me, but I’d thought I’d check in to see how this site/email combo is working for you. Any suggestions? Requests? Feedback? Too much info, not enough? Leave a comment or hit reply to this email.

The research is going well. I’m slightly concerned it might be too cold to shoot outside at the skillshare a week tomorrow, if this punishing weather continues.