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Shaking Out The Kinks

Posted by – June 3, 2010

shakyfaceWe’ve been using the Fantasia, Fantastic Fest and Toronto After Dark festival deadlines to iterate on progressively better cuts of the movie. I have my fingers double crossed for the Fantastic Fest as I’m on their Arcade section’s advisory board and hope to go anyway. Any fest that requires the shaky face technique for their ID badges I gotta check out!

We’re at the point where we’re starting to show this cut to folks who haven’t read the script to get feedback.

We’re getting closer to the finish line but we still need FX and post sound help, however, so please get in touch if you have any leads on that!

Babymakers Rough Edit

Posted by – December 22, 2009


I just saw Chris’ Babymakers segment at at Tate’s editing suite on Friday, and it’s looking really good! As you can see above with the multiple Jordans, Tate was already able to implement some basic effects. Tate’s said he’ll be able to make some real progress on the rest of it in Jan. Now that we have something to work with I’m starting to look for the following post people:

  • soundtrack composition
  • special effects and titling
  • colour correction
  • audio post and ADR

If you’re looking to let friends know, you can direct them here:

…it gives a little rundown of the story as well. If you’ve already let us know you can help, we’ll be getting in touch soon.

Bigger picture, we’re hoping to get a cut together for the Toronto After Dark 2010 festival submission in mid-May & screen it in the summer. Thoughts? Any other good deadlines people know about?

Check out David Fernandez‘s trailer for his short “Re-Wire” and and Keith Lock‘s for his feature The Ache. These guys were friends of friends who I only just met in person in the last couple weeks, but who very kindly helped us out with finding actors and gear. They’re doing interesting, ambitious work and being totally nice guys as well — a pleasant change from the industry-asshole cliche you hear so much about.