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Poster Art

Posted by – October 17, 2011

Terry has mocked up a draft of the poster art for Ghosts. Of all the jobs, digital janitor seems to resonate the best, so we put that one front and centre. It will probably go through more iterations, so any feedback appreciated.

There seems to be a fair amount of international interest in the project, and to¬†facilitate/encourage it we now have Chinese¬†(thanks to Jen Chin’s mom) and Italian subtitles for the trailer. Do you know another language, or someone who does? Get in touch!

Also, our sound post-production supervisor is in need of work. She’s from France and due to some kind of immigration nonsense she can no longer work at her audio production job. I’ve worked with her for a year now on Ghosts, and I can say she is an extremely talented, accommodating, and always hits her deadlines. As well as doing wonders with our sound directly, with us she also managed a half-dozen or so other sound people in a respectful and effective way. Feel free to ask me for extra details or email her directly at

Mature Actors, Where are You?

Posted by – August 10, 2009

Got an older uncle or a relative who’d like to be in a movie? Check out the roles below!

So we’ve finished the pre-production meetings and will be starting to shoot in a few weeks. We’re trying to fill a couple of last roles/positions, so please feel free to forward the following URL to interested parties:

…as it’s visible to the public. Or just forward them this via email.


  • The Documentarian: An older Asian man, 40+.
  • The restaurant owner: A 30+ Asian man or woman.
  • The down-on-her-luck lady: A 40+ Caucasian woman.
  • The high-flying businesswoman: A 30+ Asian woman.
  • A well-off older gent: A 50+ man.
  • Extras/Backgrounders: If you don’t fit any of these, we’d love to have you as one of the crowd of doodlefaces.

Art Dept./Crew

  • Sound: if you’re available and reliable, we can train you.
  • Lighting: If you like to sculpt with shadows, let us know.
  • Wardrobe: Can you imagine what folks will be wearing in 2040? Know how to customize Value Village finds?
  • Set dec: We have to dress up locations so they look different. Hopefully you have better ideas than “a lot of tin foil”.
  • P.A.s: If you’re willing to be an extra pair of hands for the experience.

We have insurance.

  • a luxury car/limo
  • a bar
  • a doctor’s office
  • a doctor’s waiting room
  • a convenience store
  • a toy store

Get in touch at

Pre-Production Overdrive

Posted by – March 31, 2009

This Sunday we’re going to be shifting GWSJ to the next level.

Directors, can you please arrive at 11 with the following prepared, in order of importance:

  1. Read the script and pick 4 scenes you’d like to workshop, one from each of the main characters. Bring a copy of each of the scenes for the actors.
  2. Read the two contracts, as we’ll be signing them. Please email me in advance if you have questions are so I can research/edit as required.
  3. Watch some clips from This American Life (here and here) to get a sense of the cinematic style I’m thinking about, and this clip from the 7 Up series to see the interview style. (If you have time, both season 1 of This American Life and 49 Up (the latest in the 7 Up series) are available through vid stores and bit torrent.)

We’ll be starting with a script brainstorming at 11am. At 1pm the actors will be arriving for the workshopping session. We’ll be done by 4.

I’ll be in touch with everybody via email later this week with the location.

Cast and Crew Corral

Posted by – February 24, 2009

Ok, continuing the round-up… if there’s people who you think would be good to act in this movie in a speaking part capacity, now’s the time to ask them if they’re interested in possibly getting involved. I’m especially interested in:

  • people who aren’t in their 20s and 30s
  • people who aren’t white
  • people who are excited about the idea of lo-fi sci-fi or indie moviemaking

…but that’s not required. Neither is acting experience, and in fact we can’t use actors who are a member of the union (ACTRA) since no one is getting paid. We’re shooting in the summer.

Some roles that we’re looking to fill in the crew:

  • special effects and propmaster
  • music supervisor
  • design/promotions
  • documenter (of the filmmaking process)
  • wardrobe (clothes in 2040)
  • cinematographers

If you have any ideas leave a comment or shoot me an email by a week today!

Positions Available

Posted by – November 27, 2008

If we can find good people for these roles I’d like to assign them early in the process.

  • Music Supervisor: Someone familiar with the Toronto music scene with an ear for music that would work well in a movie. We’re also thinking of getting a band to watch the movie and play during it — kind of an improv jam thing — for cues and other instrumental parts.
  • Visual Effects and Animation: There will likely only be a few minutes of effects, but we’re looking for someone who is capable of working with both live action and drawn assets.
  • Production Manager: Coordinating scheduling between crew and actors, researching and implementing the legal steps required to clear locations and actors.