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Friday Eyecandy

Posted by – August 21, 2009

I bet you’ve never noticed the giant buddha looming above the Pickering nuclear power plant. Sanford has.

Terry designed Google’s logo after the company’s repossessed by China.

Ian sketched out how it’ll look on Oscar’s uniform.

Revisions A’Rollin’

Posted by – June 22, 2009

Above is my favourite variant of the 2040 Tower that Sanford’s done.

And here’s my latest variant of the script, taking into account the excellent feedback I have gotten from folks directly and indirectly involved with the movie. This will be the shooting script, apart from the tweaks and additions and changes that come with next month’s weekly meetings.

We’re currently meeting with potential DOPs and directors to fill the few remaining slots we have. Feel free to encourage folks to send their reels to We’ll be scouting some alleys later this week to brainstorm ideas for futuristic set-dressing and costuming, so email me if you want in on that.

Concept Art: Oscar’s Gear and a Snapped-off CN Tower

Posted by – May 29, 2009

Some more of Sanford’s marvelous photo-sketch conceptifyin’… click for larger versions.

I never imagined a mask, but Oscar doesn’t necessarily need to see, after all.

This is neat, though I’m favoring a ball-bearing flooring surface rather than a treadmill for a few reasons.

This ref pic was taken from the roof of Sanford’s friend’s condo.

Concept Art: Baby Factory and Busted Up Buildings

Posted by – May 22, 2009

Sanford‘s been hard at work with some visual ideas to inspire us, such as this possible take on Karen and Gary’s baby-making workshop…

…and here’s one of the AGO…

…and one of the Gardiner expressway. Amazing huh? And there’s more to come!