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Our BIFF Experience and GHOSTS Tour T-Shirts

Posted by – September 5, 2013

At a time of year when everyone’s talking TIFF, we thought we’d talk BIFF. For us, getting into the Beijing International Film Festival was a bigger deal, what with Ghosts With Shit Jobs‘s premise being so connected to China.

Co-director Tate Young interviewed BIFF-goers earlier this year on what they thought about our flick, and got lots of great city shots to boot, in this 6.5 minute mini-doc. (Bonus: Tate’s ‘How to Film a Selfie‘ for some behind-the-scenes.)

It’s now four years since we began this project and it’s been quite a trip — literally and figuratively. Since its London, England premiere last year we’ve toured with the movie to nearly 20 cities across the world. Figured it merited its own commemorative tour t-shirt, which you can buy at cost for the next week (mens | ladies). It’s got all the cities on the back!


As an aside, you should enjoy TIFF while it lasts — it ends in 2019 after cultural funding disappears completely. BIFF buys all the red carpets at an auction afterwards.

Some New Framegrabs

Posted by – October 14, 2009

We’re got 80% of the movie shot, it’s looking really good. See for yourself below!

If looking at them makes you kick yourself that you haven’t gotten more involved, don’t fret — we’re looking for extras for Sunday — a three hour thing, 11-2, where we need office workers of the future! Get in touch if you can help us out.

Oscar Bridge

BabyMakers Toys

Anton Toph

Serina Night

Serina n Oscar

The Bridge More

Half Way There!

Posted by – September 17, 2009

We’re about half way through the production phase. Here’s some shots by Erica Belli from the first shoot of the segment I’m directing, which went amazing!

They feature the sign design of Terry Lau, the shirts were made from scratch by Susan Bustos, and the container and grabber was made by Rudi. Thanks a million guys!