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The Death Touch Draft

Posted by – August 15, 2009

…is here. Some dialogue tweaks, and some wardrobe details added from our recent brainstorming. Most significant changes are that I have replaced all references to real products with fake products, and that I’ve given Karen-as-battlebot a more feasible/less cheesy treatment.

This is the shooting script for all the scenes except the bowling alley scene and the introductory show scene, which will probably be rejigged a bit.

Because Paper is Cheaper Than Film

Posted by – July 8, 2009

By editing to make sure key things are working in script form, especially at the beginning of the movie, I’m hoping to save us the hassle of trying to fix it at the end: here’s the fourth draft.

Tweaks aplenty, but most notably:

  • the “flycam” device only used in the bar gettogether scene, cut elsewhere
  • restructured the end studio show to end on Serina/Oscar
  • changed the beginning to be less of a crazy game show

Most of the changes are in Oscar’s seg:

  • cut the Willy kid character
  • restructured a lot of the segment to clarify that the setting is 2040 though he works in 2020, and clarify what his job was
  • cut the collision detection bits
  • made it so that he’s running from the doodlefaces because they’re transferable viruses, and that this is what ends up putting him into the clinic

Revisions A’Rollin’

Posted by – June 22, 2009

Above is my favourite variant of the 2040 Tower that Sanford’s done.

And here’s my latest variant of the script, taking into account the excellent feedback I have gotten from folks directly and indirectly involved with the movie. This will be the shooting script, apart from the tweaks and additions and changes that come with next month’s weekly meetings.

We’re currently meeting with potential DOPs and directors to fill the few remaining slots we have. Feel free to encourage folks to send their reels to We’ll be scouting some alleys later this week to brainstorm ideas for futuristic set-dressing and costuming, so email me if you want in on that.

A Sinocentric Future

Posted by – May 18, 2009

So I’ve been researching China with an eye towards giving GWSJ more of a sinocentric (a word I just learned that regards China to be unique or central on the world stage) feel.

  • Might be nice to have something like the above Buddha in the Scarborough Bluffs;
  • have someone drinking mao tai at the bar;
  • Yuan (Chinese currency) should play a part;
  • I’m imagining India is a secondary superpower, but more low key — maybe China/India have a US/Canada relationship;
  • thinking about a more confident, relaxed China — what’s their relationship with Tibet and Taiwan;

Anyway, if you have links or research suggestions please shoot them over via email or comment — I’m watching Up the Yangtze soon. Just discovered this English language blog about China.

2nd Draft and Infest Wisely on IMDB

Posted by – May 12, 2009

I’ve uploaded the second draft of the script here. We had a meeting and most of the directors are planning to shoot in July and August.

Also, Infest Wisely got an entry on IMDB — they’ve been slow to update the credits, so not everyone’s on there yet, but pretty neat! If you care about such things, I welcome you to get an IMDB account and input your credits via “update data”.

Pre-Production Overdrive

Posted by – March 31, 2009

This Sunday we’re going to be shifting GWSJ to the next level.

Directors, can you please arrive at 11 with the following prepared, in order of importance:

  1. Read the script and pick 4 scenes you’d like to workshop, one from each of the main characters. Bring a copy of each of the scenes for the actors.
  2. Read the two contracts, as we’ll be signing them. Please email me in advance if you have questions are so I can research/edit as required.
  3. Watch some clips from This American Life (here and here) to get a sense of the cinematic style I’m thinking about, and this clip from the 7 Up series to see the interview style. (If you have time, both season 1 of This American Life and 49 Up (the latest in the 7 Up series) are available through vid stores and bit torrent.)

We’ll be starting with a script brainstorming at 11am. At 1pm the actors will be arriving for the workshopping session. We’ll be done by 4.

I’ll be in touch with everybody via email later this week with the location.

A First Draft is Born

Posted by – March 20, 2009

The first draft for Ghosts With Shit Jobs is here in pdf form. Feel free to give it a read and post comments to the site or email them to me.

The directors and producers are meeting on Sun. Apr. 5th (11-5pm) to brainstorm ways to improve it. Sean will be leading this with an improv-inspired “Yes, And” model. After that the directors will be workshopping some scenes with actors (1-4pm).

Things are firming up, so if there’s a crew role you’d like to try, if you’d like to give input on the script, or know someone who’d like to act, now’s the time to speak up!

Also: we’re having skillshares for anyone who’s interested in learning about editing on Sun. Apr. 19th (Beginner, led by Rose) and Sun. Apr. 26th (Advanced, led by Tate), 1-4pm. Get in touch for final details.