TMFA Soundtrack

Posted by – December 11, 2008


I’d like to share this song with you. I’ve been working a job, a 9-5 desk sorta job. It’s not bad. I’m video editing, it’s a creative environment, the admin girls and I sneak dance parties when the boss leaves the room, but still I’m rattled. I find myself sneaking a read of the Time Management For Anarchists download… while listening to this track and planning my next move.

I Dig the Cinema But…

Posted by – December 7, 2008

I dig the cinema (yeah I make movies duh!) but it seems 95% of what I watch is with headphones and a laptop. Insert words of wisdom:
I’d like to think about how this film will be presented. The experience of watching it. Another project I’m excited about right now, which I haven’t yet experienced for myself but can’t wait to catch when it comes to TO in February (yeah of course it has bikes, but more than that the live music, texture of the images…):
And lastly I’m a little jealous of this (it’s been a while since Wink World):