Dead Set and Slumdogs

Posted by – February 13, 2009

Colin recommended the excellent 5 part British miniseries, Dead Set. If I were you I wouldn’t read any further, just download it and watch it without any spoilers…

Ok, now that you’ve watched it, you know it’s a zombie apocolypse where the only safe house left is the Big Brother house. The main character is a PA on the reality show, and she’s recently cheated on her boyfriend and is about to break up with him when the world starts to end.

My favourite part with this is that the boyfriend doesn’t know and risks his life to meet up with her, taking boats and running through fields and losing friends along the way. The traditional “loves separated” thing so familiar in post-apocolypse movies is given a new bittersweet flavour. The most interesting part about this is that the boyfriend does eventually meet up with her, but they never talk about her infidelity because they’re too busy being eaten. So essentially, that whole element is just for the viewer and never has to play out.

The way it includes and somewhat critiques a specific brand of pop culture that must have been sanctioned at some level is something that Slumdog Millionaire does too. I enjoyed the cinematography in SM, especially the part where the little girl’s getting rained on outside the pipe where the brothers are hiding. Also of interest to our project is the fact that SM has co-directors, Loveleen Tandan and Danny Boyle. He promoted her at some stage, according to this. Pretty unusual move on his part.

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