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Posted by – February 17, 2009

Yee-haw! It’s time for the first instalment of the Resource Corral, where we collectively brainstorm all the people, places and gear we can use for the movie.

This week I’d like people to think hard about potential locations for us to shoot the movie.

Interesting, atmospheric places. Weird places. Or just normal places we might be able to get access to.

Interiors might include apartments, houses, work places, of yours or your friends. Exteriors might include back yards, patios, rooftops.

Don’t worry about getting permission yet, we’re just brainstorming at this stage.

Link to photos if you have them, otherwise just describe them the best you can. Just respond to this on email or add a comment.

Chris has suggested:

  • A call centre with boardroom;
  • A Farm – includes a historic farmhouse. A barn with a section converted to a dance floor complete with mirrored dance ball. It is an old barn with big posts and beams and the sun shining through spaces in the boards. Has a pond and a forest area with X-mas trees.
  • a basement bike storage area – bike racks stores about 20 bikes

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  1. Dave says:

    some of my fave’s:

    Glen Baillie Place – Spadina/Dundas (ext)

    Robertson Building lobby biowall – Spadina/Dundas (int)

    Canadian Opera Company building – Queen/University (ext)

    Poplar Plains pumping station – Dupont/Davenport (ext)

    Wychwood Barns – Christie/St.Clair (int/ext)

    Dupont Station – Dupont/Spadina (ext)

    Dupont Station onion mural (int)

    UofT pharmacy building – College/University (int/ext)

    Thomas Fisher Rare books library – Harbord/St.George (int)

    Lillian H. Smith library – Huron/College (ext)

    Toronto Reference Library – Yonge/Bloor (int)

    BCE Place – Bay/King (int)

    Cloud Garden Park – Bay/Adelaide (ext)

    Cloud Garden Park – (int)

    Centre Island maze (ext)

    Centre Island filtration plant (ext)

    Toronto Public Labyrinth – Dundas/Bay (ext)

    Ontario Place Pods (ext)

    Old Canadian Opera Company building – Parliament/King (ext)

    Balzac’s Cafe – Distellery District (int)

    Riverdale Park skyline – Broadview/Gerrard (ext)

    East End Tall House – Coxwell/Dundas (ext)

    Scarborough Civic Centre – (int/ext)

    Bond St. Houses – York Mills/Leslie (ext)

    Mt. Pleasant Cemetary Chapel – Mt. Pleasant/Davisville (ext)

    Ontario Science Centre ravine – Don Mills/Eglinton (ext)

    Downsview Station bus terminal – Wilson/Wilson Hts. (int)

    Humberside Collegiate – Kelle/Bloor (ext)

    Pirate Ship – Jordan ON, near St. Catherines (ext)

    Scott Mission western window – Spadina/College (ext, night)
    beautiful at night when lit from inside; visible from the silver dollar smoking patio

    “Borg House” – Yonge/Lawrence (ext)
    if a nuclear family of borgs moved to the suburbs, this is where they’d live

    Bayview Bridge – Lawrence beneath Bayview (ext)
    incredibly tall support columns surrounded by wild plants

    Don Valley beneath the 401 (ext)
    cavernous, with cathedral-like support columns

  2. Sean says:

    Great list Dave!

    I’m curious about Chris’s suggestions – do they relate to the story already established, or are they just settings he’d like to shoot in?

    Bike storage basement — Cinecycle?

    Farm with barn – Marlena’s farm? Has small lake, lots of buildings, great big farm house. No power though.

    I like the Leslie Spit a lot: http://tinyurl.com/by3922

    There were some other places I posted on the Infest Wisely collaboration site… do you still have access to those suggestions?

    I’ve been admiring the Air Canada Centre lately… passage ways underneath, building itself.

    Bain co-op (where I live) is interesting with its court yards, creepy storage area, pathways:

  3. Sean says:

    Return of the Alleyways:

    What if in the future, streets today looked liked alleyways with houses (for whatever reason)?

    We could not film on any streets, and just film in alleyways with houses and other interesting buildings (of course tapping Graeme’s knowledge).

  4. Sean says:

    Oh ya, I haven’t been inside before, but the U of T building on the north side of College between Spadina and University with the rooms inside that are like spheres floating in the building. I wish I knew the name of it.

  5. Dave says:

    sean: it’s the u of t pharmacy building listed above:

    more pics:

    you can take the elevator up to the floating spheres, which are windowless classrooms with lounge-like seating above them. door access is by tcard reader, but i’m pretty sure it only reads the brown magnetic strip on the tcard.

    if anyone’s interested, i could lend out that card reader device i found at active surplus for a digger scenes in ‘infest wisely’. i’ve never actually tried downloading and installing software for it, but presumably one could use it to copy and clone tcards, like edward furlong in ‘terminator 2′.

    an easier way to gain access would be to just squeeze in behind a pharmacy student when one enters. i took an astronomy class there last summer, but it was in the basement of the building, which is a much less interesting large lecture hall, so i’ve always been curious to see what it’s like inside the spheres.

    wwnd (what would ninjalicious do)?

  6. Sean says:

    Oh, the smaller room might make for a good board room setting (see pic 3 on the http://www.fosterandpartners.com/Projects/1183/Default.aspx link).

    Ninhalicious, I’m guessing, would use the follow another student tactic.

    Other ideas for the bicycle basement: bike pirates & the community bicycle network building near trinity bellwoods. Perhaps even Igor’s old store?

  7. Jim says:

    Got a couple on email:

    Anthony sez:

    restaurants or bars,
    suburban homes or my home or friendsĀ“ apartments.
    if necessary as well my friend is a teacher in a suburban high school which he said he can totally get us to shoot in there.
    york university as well probably (i have a good friend who is a prof in osgoode).

    Chris sez:

    -A gym
    -A party room with a couple of pool tables
    -An underground parking garage
    -A condo
    -A balcony overlooking king st.
    -Joel’s party room which is all white and bit futuristic looking and the very large patio/balcony off of that room has a wonderful view of the city
    -My parents have a large house just outside of Brampton which they would likely not let us shoot inside of but maybe outside where they have a large man made pond and a trampoline and playground
    -Joel’s recoding studio
    -I could maybe, maybe (medium/long shot) get us a grade 7 classroom

    Benny sez:

    the farm, workshop, driveshed (don’t feel they
    apply), STUDIO Gallery where I live (they rent the space out
    http://www.studio.to/rentals.html), the rooftop is accessible, My Dad
    is the manager of a robotics company (may be able to arrange time in
    his workshop after hours), I’d say Team Everest office and rooftop
    (overlooks DVP)

    And Sean, the old locations list is over here:

  8. Dave says:

    DECONISM Gallery – Dundas/Beverly (int)

    The Guild Sculpture Garden – Kingston Rd/Livingston Rd Scarborough (ext)

    Allan Gardens – Carlton/Jarvis (int/ext)

    Trinity Bellwoods Gate – Queen/Landsdowne (ext)

    Toronto Archives – Dupont/Spadina (int)

    Spadina House – Spadina/Dupont (ext)

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