Ghosts with Masks

Posted by – April 30, 2009

With all of this fear-mongering¬†going on about Bacon Lung… er, I mean Swine Flu, it’s good to see the creativity of human beings continuing to shine through. People in Mexico have begun to decorate their surgical masks, and it could make a great, cheap production design element.¬†

Here’s a photo gallery.

Remember, only you can kung-fu swine flu!

2 Comments on Ghosts with Masks

  1. Anthony says:

    during the sars scare i had an idea to try to market such an idea.
    it’s a great cheap idea. maybe even a good way to promote and make a little money for the film. why speak when you can say what you want with a mask.

  2. Jim says:

    Cool idea. I like the idea of some folks having disposables, and some having higher end permanent ones. The disposable ones’d be good cause once they’re blackened you could just throw them away.

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