Ghosts with Masks

Posted by – April 30, 2009

With all of this fear-mongering going on about Bacon Lung… er, I mean Swine Flu, it’s good to see the creativity of human beings continuing to shine through. People in Mexico have begun to decorate their surgical masks, and it could make a great, cheap production design element. 

Here’s a photo gallery.

Remember, only you can kung-fu swine flu!

Poster Idea #1

Posted by – April 13, 2009

I’ve whipped up a potential poster idea which should get us started visually. It’s a first step, and will obviously grow and evolve as the project does. BTW, the chinese characters mean “work hard.”

Mixing It Up

Posted by – November 27, 2008

This is where I begin my campaign to utilize a different kind of structure for this project. Learning from the episodic nature of “Infest Wisely” (and the countless anthology features our there), I propose to move the genre forward into new territory.

Much like a big feature film has a director, second unit director, director of visual effects, etc. I think it could be interesting to split up the four or so directors into similar roles, and “interlace” or “blend” together elements from all the directors into a single cohesive film, instead of sandboxing everyone into their own episodes.

A few ways this might be achieved:


  • Have a different person take on the plot, sub-plot A, sub plot B, visual storytelling sequences, animation or CGI elements…
  • If we go with the ‘alternate universes’ concept, it could be broken down to: real world, alleyway, alt world A, alt world B…


I believe the benefits of doing it this way could be… beneficial? It’s a new and fresh way to tackle the anthology genre (people like new things), creatively it would be a challenge, not only to write, but to delegate who does what and what the overlap would be (but that’s part of the fun). Serializing it online wouldn’t be a problem, and I think it might give the people involved more ownership and involvement. 

Potential problems could include:


  • “I’m not getting equal screen time with my part” (but that could be with countered with the ol’ “it’s not the length of your part, but how you use it”)
  • “My best scenes are on the editing floor” (this could be handled with a main vision, like Jim or a third-party editor, or screening feedback, as well as acting like adults)


Anyhoo, I’d thought I’d get the seeds planted on an idea like this so we have many nights to mull it over.

It’s time to think outside the bun, people.