The Future of Fear in Cambodia

Posted by – March 22, 2013

Credit: Film Noir Studio Phnom Penh

Two weeks ago I did a microtalk while in Phnom Penh at an event called Nerd Night and showed the trailer to GHOSTS. At the break a fellow who runs a small community run cinema booked the feature for its Cambodian premiere. Pretty soon I was being interviewed for the local weekly in town, The Advisor, for the cover story!


Click the image if you want to read the interview — it was pretty in-depth.

The screening went well, despite a blackout during the trailers (“Welcome to Cambodia!” said the owner to the crowd, who waited patiently for the power to come back on).

But that week was exciting for another reason — we locked another Asian premiere. Maybe our biggest. But you’ll have to wait til next week for that announcement!

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