Beijing, Here We Come!

Posted by – April 5, 2013


Believe it or not folks, but thanks to Telefilm’s help our movie is screening in mainland China for the Beijing International Film Festival starting Apr 19th! And Tate (co-director and editor) and Kelly (actress) are going to be there to represent!

We’ve always been curious as to what actual mainland Chinese would think of our fictional future where China’s on top. We even did Chinese subtitles for the trailer in the hopes we’d get some Baidu-juice. I talked a bit about it in my interview with the Phnom Penh weekly last month before the screening there, but that wasn’t the first time we screened in Asia.

Our Asian premiere was in Seoul, and while I’ve mentioned some of the feedback from Koreans Tate received before, now the full story can be told — we have published the full account of the first time GHOSTS screened in Asia online, as well as as a PDF (with pics), epub and mobi (without) ebooks. And it’s not what you think, unless what you’re thinking involves cartoonishly outsized golden bow ties.

So sink into Lo-fi Sci-fi in the Land of Gangnam and join us in pondering what our 24th tourstop will be like.

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