Bountiful Scarborough

Posted by – August 5, 2009

I’m vacationing at my mom’s place this week and took a break from insurance research to snap some pics along the lake for possible locations. It’s at Port Union and Lawrence in Scarborough and a few years back they opened one of my favourite parks in the city here.

I specifically came out here to see if I could find a place to matte a giant buddha onto the bluffs but then we came across this very photogenic bridge above water that would suit the Anton/Toph section well.

There’s a footbridge near it that allows for a bunch of different angles.

…and a bunch of nooks that Toph could be hidden in.

I made a little 360 vid under the bridge too.

Just like we found with Infest Wisely, Scarborough is a treasure trove of great underexposed locations!

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