Poster Art

Posted by – October 17, 2011

Terry has mocked up a draft of the poster art for Ghosts. Of all the jobs, digital janitor seems to resonate the best, so we put that one front and centre. It will probably go through more iterations, so any feedback appreciated.

There seems to be a fair amount of international interest in the project, and to¬†facilitate/encourage it we now have Chinese¬†(thanks to Jen Chin’s mom) and Italian subtitles for the trailer. Do you know another language, or someone who does? Get in touch!

Also, our sound post-production supervisor is in need of work. She’s from France and due to some kind of immigration nonsense she can no longer work at her audio production job. I’ve worked with her for a year now on Ghosts, and I can say she is an extremely talented, accommodating, and always hits her deadlines. As well as doing wonders with our sound directly, with us she also managed a half-dozen or so other sound people in a respectful and effective way. Feel free to ask me for extra details or email her directly at

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