Pre-Production Overdrive

Posted by – March 31, 2009

This Sunday we’re going to be shifting GWSJ to the next level.

Directors, can you please arrive at 11 with the following prepared, in order of importance:

  1. Read the script and pick 4 scenes you’d like to workshop, one from each of the main characters. Bring a copy of each of the scenes for the actors.
  2. Read the two contracts, as we’ll be signing them. Please email me in advance if you have questions are so I can research/edit as required.
  3. Watch some clips from This American Life (here and here) to get a sense of the cinematic style I’m thinking about, and this clip from the 7 Up series to see the interview style. (If you have time, both season 1 of This American Life and 49 Up (the latest in the 7 Up series) are available through vid stores and bit torrent.)

We’ll be starting with a script brainstorming at 11am. At 1pm the actors will be arriving for the workshopping session. We’ll be done by 4.

I’ll be in touch with everybody via email later this week with the location.

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