Can you Help Kickstart GHOSTS to the Toronto Screening?

Posted by – April 18, 2012

It’s GO time, Ghosties! We’re starting our promotional push with a one-month Kickstarter campaign. For as little as $10, people can score a digital download of the entire feature directly from us, but only for the next month. Once a week for the next four weeks I’m going to be suggesting ways that you could help get this crazy movie you helped make happen out into the world.

This week, could you point people directly to in an email and let them know about it? In addition, on that page beneath the video there are ways to Facebook Like it and Tweet it — that would be terrific. The early days of a campaign are really important. We have worked hard to get across the most interesting stuff about the movie without being total hucksters.

Next week, Wednesday April the 25th, most of the producers are meeting in person at the Rhino in Parkdale at 8pm. I will have the GHOSTS promo piece fresh from the printer with the London/Berlin/Toronto screening dates etc on them. If you can take a few to hand out to people you meet, that’s great, and if you can spend an hour dropping small stacks in cafes and such places in your neighbourhood then even better. If you want to help out but can’t make the date let me know and we’ll arrange something.

And yes, we do finally have a date for the Toronto screening: Wed. May 30th, 7pm at the Royal on College St. W. If you don’t know it, it’s a lovely cinema with amazing audiovisual. I announced it mere minutes ago along with the London and Berlin screenings.

If you need assurance that the final product is in fact worthy of your continued support, you need to watch the first 20 minutes: we have just added the terrific Human Spam introduction.

And as always, if you have suggestions or comments feel free to email me directly.

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