Wanted: Associate Producer for a New Lo-fi Sci-fi flick

Posted by – January 27, 2013

Thanks Trevor!We’ve had a pretty terrific response to GHOSTS — most recently there it is on iTunes Canada New and Noteworthy section, to the left — and we’re looking to get rolling on another movie. We’d like to explore the new funding possibilities that our success with GHOSTS has opened up, so we’re putting out the call for an Associate Producer. We’re going to spread the word broadly, but first we wanted to see if anyone reading this blog was interested or knew of good potential candidates.

You have a fascination with the business side of movie-making, both in the status quo funding options and the new possibilities offered by technological changes. You’re very organized, yet have patience with those who are not. Where others see a labyrinthine bureaucracy, you see a research challenge and a list of to-dos. Sometimes you think you are a robot, but then you cry at a sad movie. 

If you have questions or think you’d be good for the job, get in touch at jim@lofiscifi.com.

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