The Proposed Schedule

Posted by – December 28, 2008

As people may have noticed, I’ve been coming up with possible story concepts — a couple have just spontaneously occurred to me, and others I’ve sat down and brainstormed up. I’ve got five now, and I’m going to go deeper with them over January — researching the leads people have added in the comments (and hopefully will continue to add), interviewing people with expertise in the subjects, etc. I’ll share what I learn and by the end of the month one will probably feel particularly strong. I’ll then write up a 10 page outline for that one in February, invite people to give feedback, and write the script in March. In Jan, Feb, and March we’ll have monthly events (like the lighting skillshare that went really well yesterday) to meet in person and discuss the movie informally. In April I would like to step it up with weekly meetings that will prepare us for shooting in May and June.

Concerns? Have a particular pre-production thing you’d like to see included? Chime in!

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