The Boys From Brazil (1978)

Posted by – December 15, 2008

Bob suggested this one when I mentioned the Play’n concept. A nazi hunter stumbles across a plot in South America where the remnants of the Reich are implementing a socio-genetic plan using “the world as [Joseph Mengele’s] laboratory”. This might give you a hint as to what they’re up to:

A definite lo-fi sci-fi movie. This kind of plot could easily have slid into B-movie schlock, but it’s a good deal smarter and subtler. It’s not good enough to be great, but not bad enough to be funny — which is why I expect I hadn’t heard of it.

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3 Comments on The Boys From Brazil (1978)

  1. Dave says:

    The book’s not a bad read though.

  2. Jim says:

    It’s actually pretty good — I recommend everything I write up on this blog. I mention that it’s not great more for trying to figure out why I hadn’t heard about it previously when I have heard of trashier naziplotiation, say, Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS:,_She_Wolf_of_the_SS
    …a Canadian production, apparently.

  3. Colin says:

    Believe it or not, the U of T has ALL the elements for ILSA in their archive. Sound rolls, negs, everything!

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