Help! and: Best Feature Award and Spacing Tie-In

Posted by – May 27, 2012

Hey Ghosties! Pasted the content of a No Media Kings post below — lots of awesome news. But first, a call for help!:

  • Photographer/videographer? We need someone to document the premiere/afterparty on Wednesday!
  • Ticket taker? We need folks to help facilitate the hundreds (!) of people coming to see our movie. And no worries, you’ll get to see it too!
  • Blu-ray burner? If you know of one we’d love to burn our master on it instead of buying a new unit.

Please email me if you have any leads on the above.

Also, keep in mind that 2/3s of the seats are full at the moment, and I don’t know how quickly tickets at the door are going to go, so to avoid disappointment encourage your pals to pre-order.

Oh, and if you can’t make the movie (for some tragic reason) but want to celebrate after, come to the afterparty at The Monarch (12 Clinton St, upstairs) after 9:30pm on Wednesday.

[Original public post here.] It’s been a wild week! Our Kickstarter ended up raising $20,000 (quadruple what we asked for!) and we got the Best Feature award from the awesome Sci-Fi-London fest. The Grid also just posted a great article on the movie with a bunch of tips from me on low budget filmmaking — the writer really got the spirit of the thing, with phrases like “happiness is the only real currency exchanged on an all-volunteer set.”

Next week of course we have our North American premiere in Toronto. (We’re 2/3s full at this point, so you might want to pre-order tickets.) But the day before that is the party for the new issue of Spacing – the Disaster issue. Spacing is one of my favourite magazines both to read and to write for, and I’m delighted to reveal that I wrote a Ghosts With Shit Jobs-inspired spread in this issue — it’s a tour given by Anton Karrento of Toronto in 2040. Plus, the Karrento Brothers are going to be at the magazine launch party, combing the area for spider silk caches in the nooks and crannies of the Evergreen Brick Works. Spacing parties are always fun and the location’s amazing — come on out!

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