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Take the Lo-fi Sci-fi 48 Hour Film Challenge!

Posted by – July 11, 2012

Sean Lerner (AKA Oscar the Digital Janitor & our Associate Producer) is running Toronto’s first Lo-fi Sci-fi 48 Hour Film Challenge on Aug 24-26th.

It’s an awesome, crazy, heart-pumping race to make a 5-minute movie in just one weekend.

Hello adrenaline. Goodbye hygiene.

When countdown begins Friday at 7:00 pm there’ll be no time to waste. You’ll have a scant 48 hours to create an idea, write, shoot, edit your film and deliver it before the deadline.

If you do we’ll show your movie on the big screen (well biggish screen) at the Monarch Pub the very next night.

We’re looking at it as a way to keep the creative juices flowing, to loop in new people or people who couldn’t get involved with GHOSTS, and to build community and make some crazy weird movies. Work with some new people, try out some new ideas, get a new finished project out into the world!

We’re also doing Lo-fi Sci-fi Salons on Mondays leading up to the Challenge (Jul 30, Aug 6, 13 & 20, 7pm). Each one will be hosted by a seasoned lo-fi sci-fi moviemaker who’ll share some tips/approaches and show some inspiring shorts, with lots of time for socializing to spare.

Transatlantyk in Poland, Producers on Space

Posted by – June 13, 2012

GHOSTS has been invited to its second festival: Transatlantyk in Poznan, Poland. Whoo hoo! They approached us for a screener a few weeks ago, which was nicer than having to apply.

Also, a couple of us producers were on Space last week, interviewed outside the Toronto premiere by swell chap Mark Askwith — check it out here.

Something I thought you guys might be interested in is the $1000 up for grabs with this Toronto DIY filmmaker’s feature film challenge. Check it out on her website here. To fund it she’s screening a flick called I am a Good Person / I am a Bad Person at the Royal tomorrow (Thursday night) — interested in going to see it? Email me!

World Premiere Photos!

Posted by – May 8, 2012

If you don’t see the pics below or want to share these pics, there’s a slightly edited version for the public over on No Media Kings.

Ghosts With Shit Jobs played yesterday to a sold out crowd in London’s Piccadilly Circus last night. It went really well!

Me, nervously fiddling with my notebook as I wait for the show to begin. (The empty chairs beside me symbolized the cast and crew who couldn’t attend.) As it turned out, I had nothing to be nervous about: lots of big laughs throughout, and two people told me they got teary-eyed at the rewind scene. Great work everyone!

Sci-Fi-London was just an amazing fest for it to have its debut. Here we have programmer Louis Savy introducing the movie with his trademark profane charm. Louis is a real advocate for DIY filmmaking and he and his team have been building a diverse and open-minded science fiction movie audience over the past decade.

Here’s me doing my best to answer the smart questions from the host and the audience.

Even the lobby of the theatre was terrific, a great place to have a drink and chat about the movies.

Off to Berlin today for the next screening, and looking forward to our Toronto debut at the end of the month. If you’re talking to folks not in these towns, there’s still ten days to grab an advance copy for $10 and support our continued theatrical tour.

Thanks to Derek for the pics.

Packing for London

Posted by – April 30, 2012

Leaving in a few hours! Our London premiere is a week away but apparently it’s already sold out. It got a little mention in The Guardian, too.

Got this interesting looking Toronto event promo from Colin, who does TIFF’s Midnight Madness series, and it looks of interest to folks interested in science fiction and DIY movie making. Know anyone like that?


Ultra 8 Pictures and CINSSU co-presents DIY Art & Life: A Weekend with Joe Swanberg. Hosted at Innis Town Hall on Sunday May 13th, the event will feature Toronto premiere screenings of the Full Moon trilogy (The Zone, Art History, Silver Bullets) by acclaimed independent director Joe Swanberg, with the director in attendance. A masterclass in DIY filmmaking will follow the third screening.

Joe Swanberg is an incredibly prolific independent filmmaker who has directed written and directed a dozen feature films since 2005 (Kissing on the Mouth, LOL, Hannah Takes the Stairs, Alexander the Last, Uncle Kent, among others).

Smart, challenging, and fiercely independent, Joe’s films have premiered at the Sundance, Berlin and the SXSW film festivals, and established him as a significant figure in the American cinematic landscape. His DIY approach and intimate filmmaking style have won him both critical acclaim and a loyal fan base. For more information on Joe. visit

Joe Swanberg’s films haven’t played theatrically in Toronto since 2008, when Nights and Weekends was part of the touring Generation DIY festival. He has attended TIFF as an actor in 2010 for the film A Horrible Way To Die and he was also seen in the 2011 TIFF Midnight Madness selection You’re Next, both of which were directed by Adam Wingard, who photographed Swanberg’s Full Moon Trilogy and stars in Art History and The Zone.

Sunday May 13th – Innis Town Hall – 2 Sussex Ave, Toronto

(74 mins; World Premiere, Berlin International Film Festival)
Tension mounts between a director and his lead actress on the set of a sexually explicit
low-budget film. As the actress and her co-star develop real feelings for each other,
the director’s jealousy erupts and he begins sabotaging his own production.

Swanberg has been prolific enough to create a precise set of expectations from his work. Art History … satisfies all of them.” – IndieWire

Q&A with Joe Swanberg after the film

(71 mins; World Premiere – AFI Film Festival)
Larry and Sophia, a young Brooklyn couple, share an apartment with their roommate, Kate. An attractive male visitor arrives and seduces all three of them over the course of a night and the following day. When the visitor disappears as suddenly as he arrived, the delicate balance of the apartment and its inhabitants is disrupted.Q&A with Joe Swanberg after the film

(70 mins; World Premiere – SXSW Film Festival)
An actress and her filmmaker boyfriend experience turbulence in their relationship when
she accepts a role in a werewolf film. The actress connects with her new director while
her boyfriend spirals into a dangerous depression.

Silver Bullets is the most affecting “horror” movie I’ve seen in a while, as Swanberg ignores
tired supernatural scare-flick trappings and locates terror in the shadowy,
passive-aggressive process of making, and watching, movies.”
 – The Village Voice

Extended discussion / masterclass in DIY filmmaking with Joe Swanberg
moderated by Jason Anderson (The Grid, The Toronto Star) following the film.

• Individual tickets for ART HISTORY & THE ZONE are $8
• Individual tickets for SILVER BULLETS are $12
• ALL DAY PASSES are $25
Tickets available here:



Kickstarter Preview and Berlin Screening Added

Posted by – April 6, 2012

Above is our new poster art, more suitable for screen dimensions.

Tomorrow we’re a mere month away from our London world premiere. I’ve also booked a Berlin screening on May 10th at Moviemento, Germany’s oldest cinema. Hopefully I’ll be able to let you guys know about Toronto soon, talking to a couple of theatres but don’t have a date nailed down yet.

You can preview our Kickstarter campaign here! Please do not send this link around, as it’s not live yet. Soon, though. Soooooooon. If you had any feedback over the next few days, I’d love to hear it.

No Resting on Our Laurels

Posted by – March 27, 2012

London, England is just the beginning! We’re planning a Kickstarter campaign to raise $5000 to tour the movie to a bunch of different cities. If you’d be into giving feedback on our video pitch, let me know and I’ll send you the link for the latest iteration.

Sci-Fi-London has updated their site and GHOSTS has a page now. Some of the best science fiction is coming out of the UK these days: I just watched Moon, directed by David Bowie’s son, and thought it was terrific. The TV show Misfits completely redeemed the dramedy genre for me. The third ep of Black Mirror had me writhing in ecstasy and jealousy simultaneously — pretty much perfect SF, by my estimation.

Celtx, the open source screenwriting program I wrote GHOSTS on, is funding short videos — we got $2000 the last time they did it, so you know they have good taste! No fee to apply, check out the deets here!

Need some music for your movies? Sean (Oscar the digital janitor) let me know his brother Mike Lerner is looking for composing work — check out his music here and get in touch.

World Premiere at Sci-Fi-London

Posted by – March 13, 2012

Great news, guys! Ghosts With Shit Jobs was accepted to Sci-Fi-London, a great-looking fest in the UK, and will be screening there the first week of May.

Festival director Louis Savy said he “Loved it… very funny, sweet, sad and political all wrapped up together…”

I’m planning to go over for most of it to check out some of the other movies they’re screening (check out the trailers here) and to introduce GHOSTS.

We’re prepping a promo campaign to tie in with it and we’ll be launching the Human Spam introduction then.

Shaking Out The Kinks

Posted by – June 3, 2010

shakyfaceWe’ve been using the Fantasia, Fantastic Fest and Toronto After Dark festival deadlines to iterate on progressively better cuts of the movie. I have my fingers double crossed for the Fantastic Fest as I’m on their Arcade section’s advisory board and hope to go anyway. Any fest that requires the shaky face technique for their ID badges I gotta check out!

We’re at the point where we’re starting to show this cut to folks who haven’t read the script to get feedback.

We’re getting closer to the finish line but we still need FX and post sound help, however, so please get in touch if you have any leads on that!