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Posted by – November 27, 2008

If we can find good people for these roles I’d like to assign them early in the process.

  • Music Supervisor: Someone familiar with the Toronto music scene with an ear for music that would work well in a movie. We’re also thinking of getting a band to watch the movie and play during it — kind of an improv jam thing — for cues and other instrumental parts.
  • Visual Effects and Animation: There will likely only be a few minutes of effects, but we’re looking for someone who is capable of working with both live action and drawn assets.
  • Production Manager: Coordinating scheduling between crew and actors, researching and implementing the legal steps required to clear locations and actors.
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    1. Sean says:

      I have an artist friend who does matte paintings for a living now. He’s an amazing illustrator (http://www.mathewborrett.com/) Any need for matte paintings? I could ask him if he’s interested.

    2. Cecil says:

      as for music supervisor, I know two peeps who do clearances, which is always helpful.

    3. Flick says:

      My friend Cindy Wolfe in Toronto did clearances for Monkey Warfare and Leslie, My Name is Evil. She’s also in Tennessee Twin, an alt.country solo act. Secured awesome permissions on super-low budget.

      “We’re not greedy, we’re just cash-poor.”

      Colin Brunton, Roadkill

      Monkey Warfare even put out a vinyl soundtrack, which was the most awesome giveaway / promo thing ever at the Toronto Film Festival.

      Montages, trailers etc:


      Hot Chicks On Bikes Montage

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