I Dig the Cinema But…

Posted by – December 7, 2008

I dig the cinema (yeah I make movies duh!) but it seems 95% of what I watch is with headphones and a laptop. Insert words of wisdom: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wKiIroiCvZ0&feature=related
I’d like to think about how this film will be presented. The experience of watching it. Another project I’m excited about right now, which I haven’t yet experienced for myself but can’t wait to catch when it comes to TO in February (yeah of course it has bikes, but more than that the live music, texture of the images…):
And lastly I’m a little jealous of this (it’s been a while since Wink World):


Posted by – December 10, 2008

In 2014, the hottest toys for babies are Play’n Advantage brand. Backed by studies and reports, the odd but undeniably engaging products are sold out two weeks before Christmas… and then never go into production again. A year after that, the sought-after toys themselves break and disintegrate, dissolving in a similar fashion to the corporate entity that produced them.

It would all chalked up to eccentric inventors, but the Play’n babies are testing off the charts. Twenty years later, their emotional, intellectual and creative capacities (depending on which toy they played with the most) make them valued but somewhat ostracised members of society.

They form a weird subculture that’s parts toy nostalgia, hyperdevelopment, and mystery: what was behind the Play’n company? What were they given Advantages for?

TMFA Soundtrack

Posted by – December 11, 2008


I’d like to share this song with you. I’ve been working a job, a 9-5 desk sorta job. It’s not bad. I’m video editing, it’s a creative environment, the admin girls and I sneak dance parties when the boss leaves the room, but still I’m rattled. I find myself sneaking a read of the Time Management For Anarchists download… while listening to this track and planning my next move.

Film Fort

Posted by – December 12, 2008

Winston Hacking, who got in touch to offer help on the movie, organizes a movie night that looks great called Film Fort. I’m gonna go to their next one on Tues the 16th (263 Adelaide West, Apt 404), maybe see some of you there!

Money For Nothing

Posted by – December 12, 2008

So, odds are good we will have the same budget that we had on Infest Wisely — $0 — and personally, I think this makes things simpler than having to decide who gets a tiny bit of money, and who gets none. What I want to talk about is the small, but present, possibility we are able to sell this after it’s made. How will we divide any profit fairly on a project where some people will be contributing an hour, and others hundreds of hours?

This is largely a hypothetical exercise in alternative economics, but also a practical consideration of fairness. My gut says that an hour my time is worth no more than someone who’s holding the boom pole (especially since I did both with the last movie). If people consider me more integral to the project as the writer, well, I also get a “bonus” of attention and having my vision realized. I propose that we log our hours, and divide up any money at the end accordingly.

Please let me know what you think in the comments, and if you’ve heard of other projects with alternative profit-sharing schemes please point us at them. Obviously we will need to further flesh this out but I wanted to float it first.

The Boys From Brazil (1978)

Posted by – December 15, 2008

Bob suggested this one when I mentioned the Play’n concept. A nazi hunter stumbles across a plot in South America where the remnants of the Reich are implementing a socio-genetic plan using “the world as [Joseph Mengele’s] laboratory”. This might give you a hint as to what they’re up to:

A definite lo-fi sci-fi movie. This kind of plot could easily have slid into B-movie schlock, but it’s a good deal smarter and subtler. It’s not good enough to be great, but not bad enough to be funny — which is why I expect I hadn’t heard of it.

Bittorrent Link

Got Lights?

Posted by – December 15, 2008

We’re doing a lighting/sound skillshare this Sunday, and I’m looking at our lighting options. Ideally I’d like a kit so we can try 3-point lighting but if you have anything — or know folks who do — let me know via a comment or an email in the next day or two. I will rent from Trinity Square Video if nothing turns up, so the skillshare will happen regardless — let me know if you’d like to attend.


Posted by – December 18, 2008

A couple of super-talented illustrators and animators have offered to help with the movie — Michael Cho, a high-school pal Sanford, and Matt Hammill:

Interstitials might be one way to take advantage of this, but what about a low-rent Waking Life treatment? With the artist doodling faces over live actors faces?

I’m thinking the Doodlefaces are from the future — it’s an avatar-type thing for them. But it’s kind of hard to tell. They just start showing up, speaking mostly incomprehensibly, pointing and laughing at totally commonplace things — like we might do if we were dropped a few hundred years back and saw a pirate and started saying “aaarrrrr!” to the pirate’s befuddlement (but our companions hilarity).

“What happens in the 2000s, stays in the 2000s” is their attitude. They treat us like bit players to their starring roles, are totally irresponsible and create paradoxes and chain-reactions to amuse and annoy people back home.

Stack Overflow

Posted by – December 26, 2008

My favourite talk at Defcon, the Las Vegas hacker convention that flew us out to screen Infest Wisely, was one on social engineering.

The speaker brought up the idea that by asking questions of someone you can increase the chances of getting what you want from them — somewhat similar to opening several applications at once on a computer can crash the system. I came across this idea again on a recent Radiolab piece on Choice:

…again, focusing on the idea that the human brain has limited analytical power. But it also explores the idea that a Vulcan like rationality causes indecision, since there’s no emotional “tilt” one way or the other.

So I’m imagining a duo of scientifically grounded con men (or women) who get what they want by exploiting this limitation of the human platform. As the movie progresses we discover their relationship to an artificial intelligence that needs their emotive decision making ability to function, and who has given them this training as a reward.

The Proposed Schedule

Posted by – December 28, 2008

As people may have noticed, I’ve been coming up with possible story concepts — a couple have just spontaneously occurred to me, and others I’ve sat down and brainstormed up. I’ve got five now, and I’m going to go deeper with them over January — researching the leads people have added in the comments (and hopefully will continue to add), interviewing people with expertise in the subjects, etc. I’ll share what I learn and by the end of the month one will probably feel particularly strong. I’ll then write up a 10 page outline for that one in February, invite people to give feedback, and write the script in March. In Jan, Feb, and March we’ll have monthly events (like the lighting skillshare that went really well yesterday) to meet in person and discuss the movie informally. In April I would like to step it up with weekly meetings that will prepare us for shooting in May and June.

Concerns? Have a particular pre-production thing you’d like to see included? Chime in!